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  LCD Monitor PK151P-1
Product Name:LCD Monitor PK151P-1
Product S/N:471740716
Specification:professional 15-inch TFT LCD screen
Product Feature:
Product Class:Monitor
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

 Professol cctv lcd monitor       
 model:PK151P-1   picture
 LCD specifications  Size  15inch TFT lcd  
 Screen ratio 4:3  
 Screen distance 0.297mm×0.297mm(H,V)  
 Maximum resolution 1024×768  
 Contrast 450:1  
 Brightness (cd/m2) 350cd/m2  
 Response Time (ms) 8ms  
 Perspective H:80°/80°V:80°/80°  
 Life (hrs) 50,000(hrs)  
Panel Color  "White, black, custom colors users
" "3D digital comb filter (PAL / NTSC)
 3D digital noise reduction    
 HD high-definition signals    
 "10-bit LCD panel driver a better over-color, smooth vivid
 WCG-CCFL backlight color    
 Dual-screen function    
Video Standard  PAL/NTSC auto-identification  
Support of the resolution    640×480(60/72/75HZ)   
Interface 1 Power socket   
 2 VGA input   
 3 "Analog RGB
 4 BNC1/BNC2 input  
 5 BNC output  
 6 "Audio input
 7 Audio output  
Button panel 1 Menu button  
 2 "The left arrow keys
 3 "Right arrow keys
 4 "Video Converter
 5 Power switch  
Amplifier / Power 2 × 16 ohms / 3W    
Power machine Status of work: 35W (maximum); standby: 1W    
Button panel UP,Down,Menu,Power,Left,Right;Mode/ Auto,Menu,Power,Left,Right;Mode   
Menu Language "English Chinese; (to be available in multiple languages)
Installation VESA standard mounting hole    
Product Architecture "Strong metal chassis, anti-static, anti-magnetic field, strong anti-interference
Temperature / humidity 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ / 20% ~ 80% (no condensation)    
Storage temperature / humidity -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 5 - 95% (no condensation)   
Appendix A Manual    
 "A warranty card
 "AC power cord of a
 "A VGA cable
 "Wall stent (optional)
 "A power adapter
 A certificate   
The appearance of size (steel) 359×284×21(mm)   


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