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Product Name:powered Microphone sound pickup
Product S/N:4280232416
Product Feature:powered Microphone sound pickup
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

PK-501C is a new type high sensitivity powered microphone sound pickup parts; is designed for TV monitoring,burglar alarm security system;designed for normal range of monitoring and recording purposes;monitoring range is up to 150 square meters.
PK-5 ** series pickup has unique high sensitivity, low noise,low distortion,small size;very suitable for concealed;wide operating voltage range;built-in reverse power protection circuit;power consumption is small;long transmission distance;the connection is simple and convenient, can be a wide range of monitoring;can be widely used in banking,finance,shopping malls,prisons,the Judicial court,examination room,meeting rooms,industrial factory,military areas,and many other places.The pickup can also be connected with wireless transponders used in highway toll station.
+ Red power supply
- black
S-black signal ground
S + green signal

Performance Technical:
1:operating voltage:4 ~ 14 V
2:Operating Current:5 mA ~ 60 Ma
3:Sensitivity: 200mA/ubar
4:response Frequency:50 ~ ~ 10000 HZ
5:The maximum output voltage:5 V-upp

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