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Product Name:CCTV TOOL PKTL102
Product S/N:4271412511
Specification:FOR RG59
Product Feature:
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

*sripping length:this stripper can strip cable in four lengths 4,6,8,and 12mm.the stripping length is preset to 6mm.if you want to strip other lengths ,you may adjust the blade's position.
*blade depth:you may use the hex wrench,which is install on the bottom of the tool to adjust the blades'depth,insert the hex wrench into the blade depth adjuster on the bottom of the stripper,then rotate the hex wrench clockwise (to cut smaller cable) or counterclockwise (to cut larger cable).repeat above steps to set the other blade.
*sripping cable
1:the V-block is reversible.use hex wrench to push the v-block out of the housing,align the character on the v-block with the arrow,then insert the v-block into its housing.the indicator <-recommended the rg cable size mark in front of v-block .6=rg6(5c2v),8=rg58(3c2v),9=rg59/62 d=rg-174(for ht-3332d) .
2:press the knurled portion on the upper jaw to open the stripper's jaws.
3:insert the cable you want to strip through the v-block untill the cable reaches the v-shaped cable guide.then release the upper jaw to close the jaws.
4:insert your index finger into the stripper's finger ring,trurn the stripper clockwise 1-4 times the cable's insulation is cut while you turn the stripper.
5:open the jaws and remove the cable,pull away the outer jacket and dieelectric to expose the inner conductor.

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