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  Car Rear View Camera PK-CR-3551H
Product Name:Car Rear View Camera PK-CR-3551H
Product S/N:120408233
Specification:Lens angle:1.9mm(170deg)
Product Feature:Resolution:720*480(NTSC)/720*576(PAL)
Product Class:09.Camera
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    Product Description
wireless car camera 
Display Screen:3.5 inch TFT LCD
Color System:PAL-4.43/NTSC-3.58(tuto)
Wide view angle:(up/down):15/35(left/right):45/45
Signal input:AV Singal
Input Voltage:12VDC
Power Consumption:12V/306mA+10%
Operating temperature:0ºC to 60ºC(+3)
Storage temperature:-5ºC to +80ºC(+3)
2.4GHZ wireless color video car rear view camera system


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