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  solar power light PK-SPL1304
Product Name:solar power light PK-SPL1304
Product S/N:251314028
Specification:4 LED, spot
Product Feature:outdoor spot,new energy,solar power light
Product Class:03.Solar New Energy
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    Product Description
1. Solar panel: 5.5V / 1.3W
2. Lithium Battery: 2 18650 battery 7.4V / 4400mA
3.LED: power 2.5W, 4 pcs 10MMLED lamp beads, color temperature 5500-6000K, Lumen 200LM.
4. Material: new environmentally protection fireproof ABS + acrylic cover
5. Sensor: pyroelectric sensor
6. Operating mode: light control+ switch control
7. charge time:> 8 hours (1000W / m2 illumination standard)

Box Size:18.5*9*15CM
Carton size:38*37.5*47CM
Unit Weight:405G
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