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  Video anti-interference device AID002
Product Name:Video anti-interference device AID002
Product S/N:120809237
Specification:frequency shift type
Product Feature:Modulate 0-6M signal to 40M RF signal
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

Product:Video anti-interference device AID002,frequency shift type

Video Expander / Frequency Shift Anti-interference Device

General Introduction:

 Video expander (frequency shift type) is a kind of transmission electronic product which can transmit unrepeatered video image signal in an ordinary video or radio-frequency wire cable for a distance of 1km utmost. The working principle of this product is to modulate 0-6M video signal to 40M radio-frequency signal, so as to avoid all kinds of interference signal sources (0-28M to a large extent).

  It can be used widely in various places, such as elevators, factories and mines, electric power plant, aluminum workshops, roads, light pole monitoring, coal mines, tourist attractions, farms, mountainous areas and the coaches. It can mainly solve the tough anti-interference problems (including elevators, converting stations, electromotor, industrial converter and various high frequency electromagnetic interferences.)

Transmission Distance:

The transmission distance varies depending on the different wire cables. The specific transmission distance is as follows:


 1. All above-mentioned tests are carried out to ensure that the image effect can reach 420 lines.

 2. All above-mentioned distance value is international standard wire cable testing value, and the actual transmission distance is related to the quality of the wire cable and the environmental temperature.

Connection Scheme:

1: Power input or output

2: Power input or output

3: Video output intensity control

4: Radio-frequency level gain adjustment


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