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  Boost Converter BC001
Product Name:Boost Converter BC001
Product S/N:112618565018
Specification:Boost Converter BC001
Product Feature:Boost Converter BC001
Product Class:01.Power Supply
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    Product Description

Boost Converter

Input Voltage: 4-30V
Output voltage: 5-36V continuously adjustable
Output current: adjustable, 5A
Output Power: 75W maximum
Operating temperature: -40 to + 85 degrees
Operating frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 96%
Short circuit protection: YES (limit current 8A)
Overtemperature protection: (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (if necessary please connect a high current diode in series)
Connection: terminals or solder terminals, V-IN is the input, V-OUT output
Chip: XL4005E
Weight: 25g

A:Can increase the voltage to DC12V for the CCTV camera at the end of the long distance power cable.
B:Can charge the battery,it can increase the DC5V or or DC12V power adaptors'
voltage to DC13.8V,then can charge the 12V Lead acid battery.

A:Adjust the Constant voltage potentiometer to configure the output voltage value.

B:Use a multimeter to measure the output short-circuit current(directly touch the 2 detective legs with the output),and adjust the constant current
potentiometer to configure the protection current value.

C:Must configure the Constant current according to the battery specification,
or large charging current will damage the battery

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